Reiki is a powerful, nurturing, non-invasive approach, which heals by restoring balance and harmony in the body.

With roots in Tibetan Buddhism, this ancient healing system activates the body's innate healing abilities through a laying-on of hands and channeling of universal Life Force energy.

Somatic sensations of ‘floating’, of profound calm, of ‘warm effervescent light’, of an infusing ‘tingling current’, are just a few of typical feedback.

Skin Therapies

Channeling my inner french savoir-faire, I conscientiously tailor your facial course by combining cosmeceutical remedies and botanical blends.

I address skincare at the molecular level by featuring powerful formulas crafted by local aromatherapeutic specialists and biodynamic laboratories.

My focus is on preserving your skin integrity on a monthly/seasonal basis.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Forget about fortune-telling: making predictions are not really what Tarot cards and Celtic Runes are about. Fundamentally, these readings engage with your intuition.

The imagery in the 78 cards and in the 25 Runes gives you instant access to your subconscious mind, your inner power and wisdom.

The spreads either highlight what you already perceive or, will bring back to light to what has been overlooked, ignored, denied, or simply forgotten: what our consciousness omitted to integrate.  

Massage & Bodywork

Each session is tailored to address your whole self, body & mind, integrating Eastern and Western modalities, with hands-on techniques and intuitive energy work:

Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Tension Release, Zen Shiatsu acupressure, Swedish, Reiki, Thai & Yoga stretching.


The following extras complement and optimize your dream session:

+30min Massage
For a full-length experience integrating all modalities of energy- and body- work, with more focus on specific areas of concern.

+Foot Reflexology
Our plantar, Root chakra, is our foundation, and a reflection of our entire somatic being. Pamper these sacred anchors to some profound tension relief.

+Thai & Yoga Stretching
Get further benefits from your bodywork session: release entangled fascia and blocked energy prior to a deeply grounding and relaxing massage treatment.

+Mindfulness, Aromatherapy & Breath work
Transition from the wild outer/inner tumult to a quieter self through a guided meditation, supported by a custom blend of essential oils and breathing exercises.

+Extensive Extractions
For a thorough, deep pore disincrusting facial treatment: if your epidermis requires some extra attention, I prepare your the pores with a powerful pre-extraction formula, and then restoring the skin with an anti-inflammatory, calming treatment.

+Smoothing Warm Back Scrub
This invigorating exfoliation resets your nervous system along the spine, stimulates your circulation, followed with a softening balm massaged into your skin.


Terre-à-terre, 1st chakra

Anchoring your body into the present moment, with the support of Mother Earth with grounding rituals, to stand strong again.

Consultation / Yoga poses / Root Chakra Tarot & Rune reading / Aromatherapy essential oils & breath work / 1st Chakra Reiki / Bodywork focusing on foot reflexology, legs, hips, sacrum, gluts.

Heart Salve, 4th chakra

Heart Opening with gentle integration of the following sequence:

Consultation / Tarot and Rune reading on the Heart energy center / Heart opening Yoga poses / 4th Chakra Reiki / Essential oils supporting the Heart, tuning in with sound healing and breath work.

7th Heaven

Opening up your Crown Chakra to elevate to your Higher Self with a focus on Craniosacral therapy. Consultation / Yoga poses / Crown Chakra Tarot & Rune reading / Aromatherapy essential oils & breath work / Reiki on 7th Chakra.

Saison Ritual

This seasonal full body reset has become a tradition: packed with head-to-toes treats, including a warm back exfoliation followed by a tension relief massage, reiki on the back of your Heart, a thorough, refreshing facial, topped with a foot reflexology treatment and an arms, hands, neck, shoulders and scalp massage.

Sweet Surrender

A two-hour session including skin care and massage: blissfully escape from your cares with a full body relaxation massage adjunct to your facial, one hour each, or, chose to integrate focused massage pauses throughout your facial treatment.

Self-Care Rituals

How to expand the sense of bliss after a session, and maintain healthy habits to monitor stressors and preserve your inner peace in-between appointments?

Let’s define together practical rituals for YOUR everyday living: daily skincare routine, targeted yoga stretches, custom blend essential oils, dietary consulting, breathing techniques, mindfulness, etc…

Offering you all of the multi-dimensional knowledge and tangible techniques I acquired over the years.


Depilatory procedures to me are a form of landscaping, grooming the wild jungle into a Zen garden… While keeping your mind off ‘it’ with my natural disposition to distract you.

The depilatory sessions utilize the most effective yet gentle, non-irritating hair removal techniques, using an aromatherapeutic Italian creamy wax, and the original French strip-less wax, leaving the skin silky smooth with no wax residue.

The result: a thorough, tidy and practically pain-free grooming experience.